Mildura Carers Blueprint Evaluation of Pilot Program, Carers Victoria (2019)

Carers Victoria commissioned an independent evaluation of its Mildura Carer Blueprint framework and flagship initiative, the Mildura Carers Hub in November 2018. Local Logic Place was engaged, after being identified as a locally respected research organisation. The research was undertaken between November 2018 and February 2019.

The Mildura Carer Blueprint framework is a place-based advocacy framework for carer service delivery in the Mildura region. The key intention of the Mildura Carer Blueprint is to facilitate the engagement of carers as early as possible in their caring journey and, critically, before they might reach a crisis point. Recognising this the formative objectives of the Blueprint were to: empower carers to identify as carers; address service gaps through locally identified and agreed pathways; ensure every carer is aware of the care and support available; and empower local stakeholders to identify and invest in carer related programs, projects and services.