Our Values

We commit to working with communities in a manner that is rewarding and builds the capacity of all involved.

Genuine & Transparent

Local Logic Place is committed to genuine community engagement, transparent practice and tailoring our services to meet our clients’ needs and aspirations. We have a principled preference for strengths-based frameworks, co-design and appreciative inquiry and adhere to a philosophy of social equity and inclusion.
We believe community members are the experts on their own communities and should be enabled to make the decisions that will create the future they desire.

Committed to our core principles:

  • Our work is community needs based and our research is community driven
  • We work in genuine partnership with clients to galvanise a common commitment to the project ambitions and possibilities 
  • We listen to communities and ensure all voices are heard
  • All efforts seek to minimise duplication and maximise practical application 
  • We deliver end results that compliment and extend existing community resources and services whilst recognising the national and global policy framework
  • Place-based and policy astute; and
  • We commit to leaving a community in some way healthier and happier than we found it through resourcing, capacity building, understanding and alliance.