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Social Research & Analysis
All communities face questions about how they might better serve, support and grow their community members, and whilst we can learn from other communities sometimes these questions and their answers are necessarily unique.
At Local Logic Place we support communities in answering these unique questions through tailored social research and analysis. Our work ensures the core of the questions are clearly identified and operationalised and all-of-community are engaged in their answers. We apply both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies as required and our data analysis is comprehensive, clear and user friendly. The resulting findings and recommendations are realistic, practical and creative.
Youth Research
Local Logic Place has worked extensively with the youth service sector since 2007. We have supported both Local and State Government and community organisations to engage with, understand and plan for the hopes, dreams and needs of rural young people.
Local Logic Place has been strongly involved in Victoria’s youth service sector reform so we understand the strengths of the sector as well as the challenges that many stakeholders face when working towards improving outcomes for young people in rural and regional communities. Our extensive work in all things youth has helped us to gain a comprehensive knowledge of both the national and international youth research and literature.
We are super proud of our track record in engaging young people in the work that we do. We strongly believe that it is our job as adults to support young people to develop their skills and capacity as future leaders and good citizens! We regularly support  young people to co-design research methods and tools, collect, analyse and present data and actively contribute to decisions on project advisory groups.
Early Years Research
Local Logic Place has worked extensively in the early and middle years arena since 2009. We have supported organisations, community groups, service alliances and local governments in better understanding, planning for and delivering early-middle years services.
We understand the critical importance of the early years and the impact of healthy childhoods on individual life-spans, strong communities and futures. We have a comprehensive knowledge of both the national and international research and literature and proven strategies for hearing from children and families with young children.
Our research team is increasingly working with service provider alliances to achieve greater integration for collective impact on community identified areas of concern and for systems change.
Community Profiling
A community profile is the bringing together of all relevant data sets regarding a specific community or place, a town or local government area or a community of interests. The profile presents the demographic, social and economic context of the ‘community’ and is a powerful tool in enabling planning and advocacy. 
At Local Logic Place we work with communities to create profiles that draw together all available statistical data scaffolded by all local research and anecdotal data to give a full and accurate ‘picture’ of the community. Our profiles are powerful, accessible and well explained.
Community Planning & Placemaking
We understand that community development can be an overwhelming task, especially for small rural communities. At Local Logic Place we recognise that community planning/placemaking practices must be localised and responsive, ensuring that decisions respond to the impacts that social trends and world events have on communities. 
We work closely with communities to identify their strengths, weaknesses and aspirations and assist them to create plans for making their towns and municipalities liveable and vibrant. Our aim is to assist communities to create quality places that people want to live, work, play and learn in. 
Strategic Planning & Governance
Local Logic Place has supported the organisational development needs of government agencies, private organisations, not-for-profits, alliances and community groups. We work in partnership to support organisations to identify and realise their long-term goals and to apply strategy, practice and procedure in achieving these goals.
Local Logic Place can assist with strategic planning – supporting an organisation or group in identifying market needs, recognising its strengths in meeting these needs, defining its strategy or direction and key actions and making decisions on resource allocation to pursue this strategy.
Similarly, Local Logic Place can facilitate the overarching conversations of governance – to make explicit and understood the structures, processes and relationships that determine how a group of people organise themselves and makes decisions. We can assist organisations to develop or review group membership, authority, decision-making rules and relationships both within and outside the group to ensure good governance.
Program Development, Management & Evaluation

At Local Logic Place we support organisations and community groups to research and understand their needs and also to develop programs and projects to meet these identified needs, manage the delivery of these programs and projects and undertake their acquittal and evaluation.

Our ability to ‘follow through’ alongside a community, from identification and inception of a project to completion and evaluation guarantees simplicity, continuity and partnership.


Equally we can assist with role and time limited elements, including one or more of the following:

- Identifying community needs
- Undertaking literature and concept background research for projects
- Developing project briefs including project workplans
- Writing funding / grant applications
- Facilitating community meetings / project partnership meetings
- Program and project design
- Planning for sustainability and the management of risk
- Developing evaluation frameworks
- Completing project acquittals

Facilitation is the process of enabling groups to work cooperatively and effectively. Facilitation is especially important in circumstances where people of diverse backgrounds, interests and capabilities work together or where directions and goals of existing groups have diverged.
At Local Logic Place we provide independence from the content or historical decision-making patterns of the group and have the ability to alleviate political, personal, or cultural barriers to reach the core issues and achieve mutually acceptable outcomes. We take the time to clearly identify problems, risks, issues and potential obstacles for change and to work together to achieve shared solutions and action plans.
At Local Logic Place we can:
  • Design large or small workshops to meet the objectives of your project or planning needs
  • Facilitate your workshop or planning sessions to ensure the best possible outcomes; and
  • Analyse and report on these outcomes to realise improved strategy, planning and decision making.
Grant Writing
Local Logic Place can assist government, private, not-for-profit and community organisations in identifying possible grant funding sources and applying to these funding programs. 
Local Logic Place has proven techniques that assist groups in maximising the positive outcomes of grant applications and can assist with successful management of grant funds through the planning, delivery, evaluation and acquittal phases.