Sunraysia Community Health Services, COPD Rehabilitation Program Evaluation (2019)

In October 2017 Murray PHN funded 12 organisations across their delivery area to invest in improving pulmonary and cardiac care and rehabilitation. Sunraysia Community Health Services (SCHS) commenced their initiative in April 2018 with scoping research – A needs assessment and gap analysis of COPD and CVD Management and Rehabilitation Services and Programs in the Mildura Catchment.

This subsequent research paper documents the progression of recommendations made through the needs assessment and gap analysis research and evaluates of one of the most significant of these recommendations – Recommendation 2.1 Explore the development of a dedicated Cardio-Pulmonary Maintenance Rehabilitation Program at Sunraysia Community Health Services.

Significantly Local Logic Place supported Sunraysia Community Health Services with both the initial scoping process and later the subsequent evaluation. Local Logic Place’s ability to follow the ‘life-course’ of a program supports the fullest understanding of an initiative and efficiencies in the evaluation process.