Swan Hill LGA Strengths, Assets and Vulnerabilities Collective (2018-ongoing)

A movement for change across the Swan Hill LGA commenced in June 2018. Enacted initially by Local Logic Place who called for the first meeting on June 1, the Strengths and Assets Collective is now an established group that meets regularly.

These meetings are the coming together of local services and organisations who recognise that, whilst we are all independently doing our very best for the people and communities’ we served we could be doing this better, together – for collective impact.

The Collective is working towards systems change which is identified by the LGA communities as their priority. To support this change a Backbone group to ‘carry’ the work has formed and a governance model has been developed. Rachael Williams facilitates the 3 monthly Collective meetings and is a member of the Backbone group. The Woorinen District Primary School Place Based Pilot is the first strategy of the Collective.